B2B and B2C Management
Today, B2B systems and B2C systems are very important. With the developing technology, dealership systems have been moved to e-platforms and they are carrying out the management of dealers from e-commerce systems. Another important issue in today's technology is e-commerce systems and social media connections. People prefer to login with Facebook instead of being a member and prefer to trade faster. AKINSOFT E-Commerce, which enables you to perform dealer and customer management effectively, offers many different advantages in this regard.
  • Being able to benefit from the special membership infrastructure for businesses operating with the B2B system.
  • The site can be opened directly with member login.
  • Ability to determine price displays of products according to type of membership (B2B / B2C).
  • Members can pay their bills via virtual POSs.
  • Membership activations can be done by direct, manual, e-mail and SMS.
  • To be able to compulsory basic information in membership forms.
  • Do not block completing membership transactions without having read the contract.
  • Ability to display products by membership type.
  • Request / suggestion management.
  • With password reminder system, you can activate with forgotten passwords by e-mail.
  • The default shipping company choice for all member types.
  • Members can get a payday.
  • Activate captcha verification during membership.