Product Management
When you think about product management, forget all the concepts that come to your mind. It is possible with AKINSOFT E-Commerce systems to make this seemingly difficult and complicated subject much easier, faster and more enjoyable.

  • A wide category tree can be created by creating the category / subcategory curve with unlimited probability.
  • SEO link, meta title, meta keys, meta description, and H tags entry in categories.
  • Special installment limitations can be brought to categories and products.
  • Products can be assigned to more than one category.
  • Four different prices can be specified for products.
  • By activating the foreign exchange system, foreign currency price entry can be provided to products.
  • Product description in html format information is entered by entering a stylish description is provided.
  • You can add image, link, youtube video link or iframe to explain product details.
  • There is no limit to the image attachment of products. A 360 degree product display system is also supported.
  • Product comparison system.
  • Products can be added collectively by exporting products from Excel.
  • Product images can be quickly transferred to the system as files.
  • Information on products was quickly edited to take advantage of the speed of product editing.
  • Ability to update virtual marketplace information, prices or SEO links in bulk to products.
  • Ability to create automatic variant stocks based on variant identification and color / size matching of products.
  • By making product property entries, you can browse the product listing forms and select from these properties to query the product.
  • The possibility to get feedback about the products by adding comments to the products.
  • New products can be listed.
  • Additional information entries that make it easier to search the site.
  • Product-based discount rate entries and product-based fast cargo, free shipping, the possibility to activate features such as returning.
  • It is possible to have information about the products demanded by taking the list of products expected to decrease in price and expected to enter the market.