Commercial Program Integrations
Using the e-commerce system alone may not be enough for large businesses. In such cases, it is important to advance by providing integration with accounting programs. By integrating your AKINSOFT E-Commerce system with the WOLVOX ERP program, you can eliminate this inconvenience.

  • In WOLVOX ERP program, your defined products and product images can be displayed in AKINSOFT e-commerce system.
  • Sales made from the e-commerce site can be reflected as an order to the WOLVOX program.
  • WOLVOX ERPs of sales, AKINSOFT E-Commerce system of stocks can be sent automatically.
  • Carers registered in WOLVOX ERP program can be sent to AKINSOFT E-Trade system as a member or dealer.
  • New memberships in AKINSOFT E-Commerce system can be sent to WOLVOX ERP program.
  • Product search words within the site can be transferred from WOLVOX.
  • Special settings can be made for stock sending and ordering operations.