Order Management
Proper management of the orders placed by your visitors is the most important issue. An order that is not processed on time is not delivered on time, and your customers may suffer victimization. The victimization will return to the operator as a negative reference and customer loss. The order management system, which allows you to track your customers' orders easily and in detail, allows you to keep all your processes under control until the order is delivered.

  • New orders, approved orders, shipped orders, etc. detailed order tracking.
  • Completing the order by receiving payment.
  • Credit card - money order - payment options at the door.
  • Can specify shopping lower limits.
  • Free cargo for members.
  • Order list by phone.
  • After creating the order, the customer automatically informs the relevant user e-mail.
  • Receiving a list of out of order payments.
  • According to the region, different cargo amounts can be specified on the basis of design.
  • B2B and B2C free cargo shopping limit can be set.
  • Pending order cancellation and return product management system.