1 Piece Logo Design Operation : This operation includes 1 piece logo design that is requested and sent to AKINSOFT Web Department by the companies.

Note : If there is a logo that is sent from firm, the logo is applied to website without designing.

Individual Interface Design : The designing includes the visual changes on related casts and color options, in accordance with the information received after the negotiations with the company, without going out of the working structure of E-Commerce system.

Note : The customers who request special design by showing the sample websites can request some features of the sample website in AKINSOFT E-Commerce system. Such requests are forwarded to AKINSOFT R&D Department in writing (except for Concept Design Price) and evaluated by R&D Department to specify if the operation is paid or free.

Special Design References
MOBILE APPLICATIONS OPENING SCREEN AND ICON DESIGN Custom launch screen and icon design for mobile applications
80 $