Flexible Theme Design
One of the most attractive features of an e-commerce system is the visual confidence of the site. In mixed, simple and difficult-to-use places, they may not stay for a long time. However, in some cases, all technical details of the product should be visible. Depending on your preferences, you can easily make these adjustments with AKINSOFT E-Commerce system.

  • By default, you can use the theme selections that come installed.
  • Personal customizations using color, appearance and font changes and CSS code.
  • With free area management, main page, right and left blocks can be designed in desired shapes.
  • With the use of mega menu, your top categories can be more elegant, aesthetic and useful.
  • Custom themes can be customized (optional).
  • With showcase management, the desired slides can be uploaded to the system and an effective entrance page can be designed.
  • On the main page you can show bestsellers, downloads, presentations, new additions, opportunity products.
  • Dynamic pages can be created, depending on the purpose of your use designed link and link. mentioned.
  • Items that do not have stapes can be prevented from appearing or how many can be specified.
  • In our case, the privacy statement, membership contract, sales contract, warranty terms, delivery terms and contact links are preferably activated and their contents can be arranged as desired. Your contact location can be added to the contact link.